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Welcome to Manzanillo, Mexico, a destination where you will find something for everyone. Full of thrilling activities, impressive shopping areas, miles golden beaches and many culinary experiences, this Mexican city is the place to visit for a memorable vacation. Whether you are seeking thrills and excitement or relaxation and rejuvenation. Manzanillo has two large bays separated by the peninsula of Santiago. Both Manzanillo bay, closest to downtown Manzanillo, and Santiago bay have sandy beaches stretching along the entire front of the bay.

Located in the state of Colima on the Pacific Coast,of Mexico Manzanillo is a well known tourist destination. Manzanillo has been named the “Sailfish Capital of the World,” and Marlin, Sailfish and many other types of sport fish are abundant in the waters just offshore. Each year the town hosts international fishing tournaments that attract sports fisherman from around the world. In addition to fishing, visitors to Manzanillo can take part in a variety of aquatic sports including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing at the nearby beach in Cuyutlán. Manzanillo is also home to two world-class golf courses.

Pick from a variety of accommodations such as VRBO rentals, beach houses and condos. We have properties available on the beach or with spectacular views higher up in the mountains, depending on your needs.

The weather in Manzanillo is pleasant year-round, Manzanillo sees an average of 350 days of sunshine each year. Manzanillo’s close proximity to the Sierra Madre Mountains helps to keep temperatures slightly cooler than many of the other well-known resort destinations located up and down the Pacific Coast.

Remember the late 1970s movie 10, starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek? If you do you have seen Manzanillo. Many of the hotel scenes and all of the beach scenes were all filmed here on the beautiful Manzanillo beaches.

Rent your next beach house or condo along the safe, sandy beach of Manzanillo. The beaches are long and undisturbed, dotted with exotic plants and palm trees. The sunsets over the bays turn everything into deep shades of red and orange providing a romantic atmosphere second to none. Houses, Condos and apartments are just a few of the rental options available. We also offer VRBO management for many owners in the Manzanillo area. For all your vacation rental needs contact Manzanillo Adventures.