• About The Author

  • Susan Dearing was born in Branson, Missouri, where she grew up working in the tourist industry. At age 8 she'd show visitors to Branson where the TOP fishing holes were for crappie and bass, directed them to the best “mom and pop” cafes, and stood on the main street corner lecturing on the crotophytus collaris (collared lizard). Of course, the brave tourists were the ones who petted the 13-inch-long male sleeping on her shoulder.

    She paid her way through college by working for local weekly newspapers, and was graduated with a degree in English. She worked in print media for more than 17 years, starting as a journalist, artist, editor, finally general manager.

    At the age of 37, she radically changed her lifestyle and career, became a scuba diving instructor, and moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After three dissatisfying years, and the loss of her life savings because of some shady real estate agents and developers, she relocated to Manzanillo, where she operated a PADI Dive Center, cationteaching all levels of instruction from beginner to instructor.

    Seeing a steady decline in tourism, mostly because of the media’s negative reporting of Mexico and its problems with the drug cartels, she returned to Branson in 2013 to enjoy retirement. She comes back to Manzanillo now yearly, from January to April, like many others.

    Susan also owns the web site: www.gomanzanillo.com.  It will be updated and the format changed this summer. Parts of this book are being placed on the web site to give prospective visitors to Manzanillo information to make their stay more pleasurable. Susan hopes that as the site continues to grow, the number of tourists coming to Manzanillo will increase, thereby helping the businesses and the town.